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Computer Repairs

Laptop & PC repairs inc. software issues & virus / spyware removal.


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iPad Repairs

Cracked digitizer or LCD screens, charging issues and software faults.


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iPhone Repairs

Cracked digitizer or LCD screens, charging issues and software faults.


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IT for Business

I.T. technical support for single & corporate business users.


Welcome to PC Express

We are a national repair centre based in Sale Manchester for most electronic devices. Repairs are carried out all over the UK, just select a repair from the navigation bar to get started.

We repair: Laptops, PC's, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Satnavs & Game Consoles.

PC Express Business Ltd : Established 2007

Qualified iTechnician Repair Centre

Mac repair in Manchester - We're on iTechnician

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Tablet repairs on the increase whilst Laptop repairs drop

Laptop repairs is it a dying business?

Since the massive uptake of tablets and hybrid tablet laptops in 2012/13, the trend has directed away from what use to be the most popular repair service. Laptop repairs in Manchester has been our main business for the last 3-5 years. Back in 2007, laptops became cheaper and more popular replacing the big heavy, space consuming PC’s as laptops plummeted down in price. It was no longer a case of one PC per household, it was more one laptop per person which created more software repair work on spyware and virus infections, and with the mobility of laptop accidental damages and component failure took a surge creating a massive business in Manchester for laptop repairs. Although laptops are still very much a product of today, the increased sales of tablets and hybrid tablets are changing the future of computer repair shops, we predict in the next 3-5 years it will take the same changeover as laptops did to PC’s did back in 2007.

How do tablet repairs differ from laptop repairs?

Most tablet repairs of today are hardware based from accidental damage, mainly cracked screens and digitizers. The majority of tablets are based on iOS and Android O/S (operating systems) and have a low little risk factor with spyware and virus infections. In 2013, we have seen a higher release of Windows based O/S models, so we should see an increase of software repairs over the next few years.

What can we expect in the future?

It will be an interested future for technology as it’s escalating quicker than ever before, with wearable technology just around the corner, who knows what the next big repair business will be in the consumer technology market.

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Cheshire Police PCeU uKash Virus Malware Removal, Sale, Manchester, UK

The police virus has struck again, only this time under the banner of Cheshire Police instead of the Metropolitan Police.

We’re offering a discounted removal service for this particular virus, usually £55 now £45.

If you’re local you can drop it into us any time, alternatively if you live a distance we can arrange to have it collected from you with UPS.

If you’d like it collecting please see www.pc-xp.com/collection for more info.

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Tesco Hudl Repairs Manchester UK


Tesco recently entered into the tablet market with their 7″ Hudl. Receiving great reviews across the board and with it’s attractive price tag we’re expecting it to be quite popular.

We offer repairs for these tablets subject to part availability. Please call or email us to contact to find out more.



Unfortunately the parts are currently unavailable for Hudl and therefore can NOT be repaired. Tesco Direct have also confirmed there is no repair service available at the this time. Our advice is to hold on to your Hudl until parts become available. We will also keep checking with Tesco to see if any options become available.

If you add yourself to the notification list below we will let you know as soon as parts are available.

FYI.. Tesco Direct’s phone number is 0800 323 4060

Sign the petition too, lets get Tesco’s attention. Tweeters dont forget to #hudl and @tesco

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Transformer Prime TF201 v0.3 with inverted x axis digitizer fix solution repair

tf201 x axisCaution: This is a guide to a solution that worked for some people, doing the following will be done purely at your own risk.
TF201 with inverted digitizer fix

What you will need:
nvflashAndroid SDK to install nvflash and modified kernel (for WW- and for WW-

1. First of all you need to install nvflash as described here http://androidroot.mobi/t3_nvflash/. And make backups!!!
2. Reboot tablet in APX mode (turn tablet off, press volume up and turn tablet on)
3. Run

wheelie –blob blob.bin

to load nvflash mode
4. Make backup of your original kernel

nvflash –resume –read 6 boot.img

5. Load modified kernel

nvflash –resume –download 6 ./newboot.img

6. Boot device

nvflash –resume –go

That’s all.

If your device firmware differs from WW- or WW- you need to build you own kernel. I will describe it for a linux.

1. Download Android NDK
2. Download you original kernel sources from Asus site.
3. Unpack sources, find file


4. Find lines:

if (mxt->max_y_val < 1024)
ypos >>= 2;

stored_x[touch_number] = xpos;
stored_y[touch_number] = ypos;

replace them with

if (mxt->max_y_val < 1024)
ypos >>= 2;
xpos = mxt->max_x_val – xpos;
stored_x[touch_number] = xpos;
stored_y[touch_number] = ypos;

5. Connect your device to computer and turn it on. Download .config file from your device

adb pull /proc/config.gz ./

Ungzip config.gz to your kernel sources root folder and rename it to .config
6. now build your new kernel
in your kernel sources root folder run

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=[PATH_TO_NDK]/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/prebuilt/linux-x86/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-

replace [PATH_TO_NDK] with your real path
7. If everything fine you can find file


in you kernel sources
8. Install nvflash, backup, reboot to APX and dowload your kernel image

nvflash –resume –read 6 boot.img

9. Get BootTools and compile them https://github.com/AndroidRoot/BootTools
10. Unpack boot.img file with

bootunpack ./boot.img

11. Copy zImage to BootTools folder
12. Pack new kernel image

./mkbootimg –kernel ./zImage –ramdisk boot.img-ramdisk.cpio.gz -o ./newboot.img

13. Upload kernel image to device

nvflash –resume –download 6 ./newboot.img

14. Boot device

nvflash –resume –go

If you have troubles with your new kernel rollback to your original one:
1. Boot to APX, boot nvflash, run

nvflash –resume –download 6 ./boot.img

Thanks for reading, thanks to sawa for providing the solution. I hope it helps you guys. Feel free to open a discussion in the comments box below, any success stories are welcome.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Digitiser Replacement

Kindle digitiser  replacement costs just £65

Professionally fitted.

Fast service available (subject to stock availability)

To book your repair call us on 0161 291 1044 or use our Contact Us link.

PC Express – Computer Shop
185 Washway Road, Sale, Manchester, M33 4AH

We also repair other faults on tablets, call now for a free quotation.
We use quality replacement parts equivalent to the original digitiser.








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iOS 7 connect to itunes to use push notifications issues

If you are one of the many that are having problems with certain apps since upgrading to iOS7  (Apps such as dropbox). Here is a fix.



  1. Download RedSn0w from the following links:
  2. Connect your iDevice to the computer with the USB cable
  3. Open RedSn0w
  4. Click on “Extras”
  5. Click on “Even More”
  6. Click on “Deactivate”
  7. Now your iDevice is deactivated and should show an activation screen
  8. Open iTunes on your computer
  9. iTunes should detect that the iDevice is connected and try to activate it
  10. If all is good and apple sends the activation tickets, your iDevice goes back to normal, only this time – with Push Capability.

Warning: proceed at your own risk, it’s unlikely to cause any problems or loss of data but we do suggest backing up your iPhone prior to doing the fix. We accept no responsible for any damage or loss of data.

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Cloud Networking For Small Businesses

The future of business is in the cloud

With the advancement of technology and broadband speed, most businesses can now benefit from a live backed up online service for all their data and emails. Cloud networking has revolutionised how we work with computers, tablets and mobile phone devices; not so long ago backing up files and emails had to be scheduled at the end of each working day, by a tape drive or media storage device, and then had to be taken offsite for safe keeping. These backups although fairly reliable, can fail, get lost, damaged or forgotten and only go back to the time you backed up.

Cloud Networking

Now, with cloud networking, you work directly via a server in the sky (not literally) making backups instant and live, updated from the moment files are changed or emails are sent. Live synchronisation lets you go from your work to your home office, and have exactly the same data no matter where you are. Mobile phones and tablets can also access the same data whilst on the move, so in effect, you are never away from your office and can relax knowing that everything is backed up without you having to do a thing.

What happens if the internet goes down?

The biggest question we get asked with cloud services is what happens if the internet goes down? well yes it happens but because cloud networking syncronises offline files, you will never be away from your data, as soon as the internet goes back online, all your data will synchronise and you will be up and running as you were before. Another good reason where this can benefit you, with a traditional setup your emails will stop coming into your computer if your office internet goes down, with the cloud, you can continue to work from your mobile phone or tablet using it’s 3G network, and as soon as your office is back online, all your sent emails will be synced with your office computer.

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Free up space on your laptop

Running out of space on your laptop ?

If your laptop is running out of disk space, you don’t necessarily need to take it to a laptop repair shop, there are a few things you can do to free up some important disk space.

A common issue we have in our Manchester laptop repair shop has been brought on by technology itself; the release of SSD (Solid State Disk) hard drives have brought us smaller size storage capacities than the common spinning SATA drives, we often get customers running out of disk space, so we have wrote this guide to help support our community in Manchester.

So how do I free up space?

windirstatWell there are many free tools on the market that delete temporary files, such as CCleaner, a fantastic piece of free software, but you will only really remove a few GB at best, if you are looking to free up more space then we recommend you download this free piece of software. It’s pretty straight forward but you still have to be careful what you delete, if you are unsure then don’t delete it. The great thing about it is that it will scan your full hard drive and it will indicate where all the big files are, you might find something you don’t need anymore in which case you simply highlight the file and press the DEL key to remove it. Don’t be put off by the screenshot, it’s not as complicated as it looks.

Download the software

just copy and paste this link into your browser window www.windirstat.info

If you don’t wish to attempt this yourself we are happy to do this for you remotely or by taking it into our laptop repair shop in Manchester, just give us a call or use the contact us form.

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IT Small Business Support Manchester

IT Business Services

I.T. Support

We offer business I.T. solutions from small to large business. If you are looking for full I.T. support for your computer and mobile phone network, we cover all aspects of I.T data management and maintenance including email Exchange Servers and full cloud backup solutions. Since the increase of broadband speeds and the birth of new technologies, you don’t have to spend thousands on getting a business Fileserver structure, it can be done a lot cheaper and even more effective using cloud based services depending on how our company runs.

Online Services

Increase your online visibility with websites that can be found, promote your products or services worldwide and keep a regular dialog with your clients and potential customers.

  • Web design.
  • Targeted area solutions with SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media.
  • Online business marketing.
  • Email flyers and newsletters.
  • Backup and hosted email exchange.

Improve Your I.T Business Structure

We work with companies to perfect and grow their business by putting the right I.T. structures in place. You could be losing time and missing those potential customers by something that has been overlooked. We have worked with hundreds of companies, and we instinctively notice holes and potential improvements which have proven to increase your business turnover and reduce running costs. Every business is different, we can work with your company to create a tailored introduction of improvements, making sure your business runs at it’s maximum I.T. marketing capacity.

Some of these features will include:

  • Improved handling of enquiries.
  • Database building.
  • Online marketing and awareness campaigns.
  • I.T. re-structuring / development.
  • I.T. training.

For more information on how we can help you, give us a call or use the form below for a free consultation.


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Tel. 0161 291 1044