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New Laptops & PCs

Thinking of buying a laptop or PC?

Portable devices such as laptops come in various forms. Starting with small handy travel companions like ultraportable laptops (11-14” screens), everyday use laptops (14-16” screens), gaming laptops (15-17” screens) and desktop replacement laptops (17”+ screens).

It can be difficult to know where to start when purchasing a new device. At PC Express our years of industry experience can help you make the right decision when you part with your hard earned money. We don’t have sales targets to meet and we don’t try to sell you tons of add-ons to make up margins like other larger computer chains. We want to ensure you have a laptop that meets your needs and is going to serve its purpose for a number of years to come.

Ultraportable Laptops

Ultraportables are all very similar in specification but some key factors people look for when buying them are battery life and weight. Ultraportables use very low powered processors so that they can maximise battery life, this means they aren’t very good for replacing your PC or existing laptop. They are designed around travel. Something you can check local restaurants reviews on when you’re on holiday or if you just need to check some emails whilst you’re away. Weight is generally around the 1kg mark. Battery life 5hrs+

Prices start from £299. Contact us today to discuss the various options.

Everyday use Laptop

These are the most popular iteration. They are the all-rounder. Great for watching films, surfing the web, typing up documents. They’ll play your Facebook games but anything beyond that like Call of Duty then you’ll need something more powerful. Battery life varies from 2hrs to 3hrs depending on usage. Weight is generally around 2kg.

Prices start from £299. Contact us today to discuss the various options.

Gaming Laptops

We generally recommend where possible using a PC for gaming but we understand sometimes due to space restrictions etc that it’s not always possible to have the large gaming cases around the house. These laptops at their top end cannot outperform a gaming PC at its top end but some come remarkably close. They generally are quite heavy and use a lot of power so you’ll find yourself plugging it into the mains quite often. These laptops are capable of playing all the latest first person shooter games and similar games that are graphically intensive.

Prices start from £549. Contact us today to discuss the various options.

Desktop Replacement Laptops

These are large cumbersome pieces of kit, designed to replace your full desktop PC set up. Screens are large, specifications hefty and aren’t really designed for taking around with you with ease. These laptops give you the power of a PC with a 17”+ screen built in. Weights are 3.5kg+ and battery life is generally poor due to the large screens.

Prices start from £499. Contact us today to discuss the various options.

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