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Why choose us for your computer repairs?

PC’s & Laptops can give out numerous problems and error messages but typically these error messages don’t really give you a solid idea of the problem. For example a non booting PC can give the generic message that ‘something’ has gone wrong with your PC, possibly due to a recent software or hardware change. Various different devices can give out tell tale signs of an issue but commonly the issue could be caused by a whole host of different causes. Here at PC Express we find out the exact problem, give you a cost and a turn around time and then proceed with the repair on your go ahead. If you don’t want the device fixing it’s no problem, you can just take it back without being charged a penny.

Here are some guidelines on computer repairs:

Virus/Spyware removal

Virus removal and spyware removal including other alias names like Malware, Adware & Forceware. Some infections can be hidden and only usually found by your computer running slow or internet searches bringing up the wrong results. Other cases your antivirus software may bring up warnings or big unknown warning message appearing on your screen.

Why does this happen ? why do people create infections ? well there are may reasons but the most common 2 reasons are firstly the infection will ask you to get out your credit card to pay to have the infection removed, or secondly to force certain websites for you to click on. Annoying and frustratingly when you are infected, the only way to clear it is for a specialist to remove the infection for you. There are lot of programs out there that claim to remove infections when in some cases it just infects you more. It’s estimated that there are 100,000 new infections written daily.

Why doesn’t my antivirus remove my infection? Antivirus software packages are design to prevent infections, although some infections can be removed once infected a lot of them can actually infect your Antivirus program known as ‘Hijacking‘ so the program doesn’t notice that your computer is infected.

The solution : Well our years of combined experience since the days viruses and malware infections first shown their nasty faces we have been working on ways to get rid of them. We remove all infections and then run our special software to clear any traces that are sometimes left behind by others. Because new infections are released daily, we research and apply all the new tools we need to keep your computer safe from harm. Call us now to book in your repair, if you have problems getting to us,  some repairs can be done using our remote pc repair service.

Call now on 0161 291 1044 and speak to one of our friendly team of experts.


Faulty hard drive replacement

Harddrive failures are a very worrying time for us all, the thought of losing all your data, documents, pictures and music can be very daunting. We have a the tools to help, although we can’t guarantee to get your data back, we try our hardest using our expensive data recovery equipment and software because we understand how important it is to you. We have a very good success rate and have been known to recover data where other shops have failed. Call now to book your appointment 0161 291 1044.

Password Removal

Forgotten your Windows password ? don’t worry we can help you reset it, just call us on 0161 291 1044 to book an appointment.

Laptop motherboard repairs

Laptop board failures are generally caused by overheating or poor soldering by the manufacture. Hundreds of laptops are sold with design flaws such as some of the HP DV series where the laptop chipsets and graphics chipsets (GPU) obtain dry solder joints from overheating caused by the poor design of airflow inside the case. This doesnt mean the laptop is doomed! we can repair chipsets, DC sockets and components on the laptop motherboards to get your laptop back into a working state. Call now to discuss your options on 0161 291 1044.

Keyboard replacement

We all put drinks next to our laptop, especially on a Friday night when the weekend is about to commence. I’ll be the first to admin that i’ve knocked my drink over my keyboard and almost cried. Laptop keyboards are very sensitive to liquid and once its been in contact with fluid it often either stops working, some keys stop working or behaves like a madman pressing random keys when you press a single one. In this case you need to replace your keyboard which we can do for you. There are  hundreds of thousands of types of laptop keyboards even some of the same model laptops can use different model keyboards, be safe and bring your laptop to us so we can get the right replacement for you. Call now to book an appointment 0161 291 1044.

We also offer :

Tweeks/Quick Fixes
Replacement of problematic components i.e RAM, Graphics card etc…
General Maintenance & Health Checks

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