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IT Business Services

IT Business Services

Small businesses can get FULL support for all their I.T. Maintenance, Email Exchange, Web Development, SEO, Social Media & much more for a small monthly fee. Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

I.T. Support

We offer business I.T. solutions from small to large business. If you are looking for full I.T. support for your computer and mobile phone network, we cover all aspects of I.T data management and maintenance including email Exchange Servers and full cloud backup solutions. Since the increase of broadband speeds and the birth of new technologies, you don’t have to spend thousands on getting a business Fileserver structure, it can be done a lot cheaper and even more effective using cloud based services depending on how our company runs.

Online Services

Increase your online visibility with websites that can be found, promote your products or services worldwide and keep a regular dialog with your clients and potential customers.

  • Web design.
  • Targeted area solutions with SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media.
  • Online business marketing.
  • Email flyers and newsletters.
  • Backup and hosted email exchange.

Improve Your I.T. Business Structure

We work with companies to perfect and grow their business by putting the right I.T. structures in place. You could be losing time and missing those potential customers by something that has been overlooked. We have worked with hundreds of companies, and we instinctively notice holes and potential improvements which have proven to increase your business turnover and reduce running costs. Every business is different, we can work with your company to create a tailored introduction of improvements, making sure your business runs at it’s maximum I.T. marketing capacity.

Some of these features will include:

  • Improved handling of enquiries.
  • Database building.
  • Online marketing and awareness campaigns.
  • I.T. re-structuring / development.
  • I.T. training.

For more information on how we can help you, give us a call on 0161 291 1044 or use the form to arrange a free consultation.


Tel. 0161 291 1044