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How is Home AI working for you?

Everyone is making their own gadgets, streaming services and home AI. Most of them work great with about 60% of the services and devices on offer today. Services like, music streaming, films / TV, lighting and heating control etc…

Here lays the problem, to get what you want, you have to subscribe to more than one service if you want full automation;

  • Netflix – Works with all
  • Amazon Prime Media – Only works on Amazon / Android devices
  • Apple Music – Doesn’t work with Alexa or Google home
  • Phillips Hue – Works pretty much on all devices
  • Logitech Harmony – Only works on certain devices
  • Apple HomeKit – Not compatible with Logitech Harmony

Amazon music – this used to work on a standard Prime account on multiple Echo devices (Alexa), until now, you have to subscribe to Prime music otherwise it will cut your existing streams when playing on a new device.

The service IFTTT (If this then that) – made cross platform a work around for incompatibility devices like Hue, Harmony etc… and to be fair, it works very well, but nothing gets around the media streaming.

So for me, I’m in a dilemma; Will the new Apple HomePod be compatible with IFTTT? If so I’ll spend the £350 on one just for my Livingroom. I’m already on a Apple Music family plan and don’t wish to buy into Amazon Music too, It’s a sad day for me and Alexa, we may need some time apart.

Thanks for listening, comments are welcome.

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