SatNav Repair Quotation

satnav repairs manchester

we repair a wide range of SatNav products from dead batteries to broken USB ports. We operate on a No fix, No fee basis so you won’t pay a penny until your device is fixed and even then it’s dead cheap!

Some of the problems we’ve helped fixed in the past are:

– Broken USB ports
– Detached SD Slots
– Cracked Screens
– Dead Batteries
– Corrupt Software

No one wants to fork out another £100 for a new sat nav if you can have it repaired for a quarter of that.

We cover the whole range of brands but some popular ones we specialise in are ‘TomTom’, ‘Garmin’, ‘NavMan’, ‘RAC’, ‘Snooper’, ‘Navigon’, ‘Navsure’ and many more!

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Tel. 0161 291 1044